Donation with our Business Partners @Kumara Rama Monastery

On 21st Aug, Makro Myanmar family offered nutritious lunch at the Kumara Rama monastery for the monks and orphans together with our business partners.
To support local farmers and small businesses, Makro held a farmer market in the name of ‘Farm-Made’ with local products in the categories of Fruits & Vegetables, Plants & Vegetables and Local Handmade Products. We have also provided free selling space with much needed chairs and tables for the vendors to support the local businesses.
On 22nd March, Makro Myanmar family, together with C.P. made donations of hygiene kits & snacks and conducted personal hygiene training sessions for nuns & the kids at Myaing Nunnery school at Shwe Pyi Thar township. We’re glad to share knowledge and be part of creating better community.
Makro Myanmar family made a voice donation by recording the storybook, together with lunch snack donation at Yangon Education Center for the blinds, Mayangone Township. It was a pleasant experience, and we are very pleased to be able to contribute to all people in the community, no matter who they are.
Makro Myanmar (Aro Commercial Company Ltd.,) extends our support to the medical professionals who have been working hard on the front lines to battle with the pandemic by donating 6,000 bottles of ARO drinking water (550ml) and 800 lunch box sets to the healthcare workers and patients at Yangon General Hospital.
Makro Myanmar, led by marketing communication manager & QA manager, took part in supporting local community by donating 2,200,000 Kyats worth of Makro house brand dry food and non-food products to Sa Ma Taung Monastery to support children, and monk community.