M-Coin Support Program on Valentine’s Day ❤️

During the M-Coin Community Support Program, a total of 996,000 m-coin had been collected from June 2023 to Dec 2023, and those collected m-coin were exchanged with the products worth 9.9 million kyats from Makro for the donation. 🥰❤️
To support local farmers and small businesses, Makro held a farmer market in the name of ‘Farm-Made’ with local products in the categories of Fruits & Vegetables, Plants & Vegetables and Local Handmade Products. We have also provided free selling space with much needed chairs and tables for the vendors to support the local businesses.
Makro Myanmar family has joint the Yangon region community to donate essential grocery food & drink, in the effort to relief the suffer of the people in Rakhine region, who affected by the extremely severe cyclone Mocha