M-Coin Support Program on Valentine’s Day ❤️

During the M-Coin Community Support Program, a total of 996,000 m-coin had been collected from June 2023 to Dec 2023, 

and those collected m-coin were exchanged with the products worth 9.9 million kyats from Makro for the donation. 🥰❤️ 

This Valentine’s Day, our hearts are filled with love and compassion as we celebrate by giving back to our community. 

Together with the support of our generous customers and business partners, we’ve made a heartfelt donation including food, stationeries, 

essential cleaning products, furniture and electronic products to East Yangon General hospital. ❤️🏥 

❤️ Special thanks to all of our Makro members and also to our participating business partners in this donation: CP, PCG, Ocha and BSC 🤝🏼

Together, we’re spreading love and care where it’s needed most. ❤